Spanish Immersion Program Completion

Semana pasada era mi ultima semana con Antigüeña Spanish Academy. yo tuve un gran tiempo aquí, y extrañaré mis nuevos amigos además de mi gran maestra, Nidia. Fue una experiencia increíble para mí. estoy seguro que mi español no es perfecto; sin embargo, antes de llegar aquí, yo supe solamente un poco español. hace dos meses, yo no pude escribir esto.

Spanish Immersion Program Commencement

Contrary to my last blog post, I have decided to provide readers with only a starting and ending blog post in regard to the Spanish immersion program I’m attending in Antigua, Guatemala, rather than provide weekly updates (unless, there’s something worth mentioning…

Hostel Antiqueno

There are many Spanish immersion programs in and around the city of Antigua, Guatemala, one of which is Antigüeña Spanish Academy. In August 2014, I decided to enroll in classes at this institution to further my understanding and knowledge of the Spanish language.

Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is a long-distance, cultural route in Turkey. It is approximately 540-km long and stretches from Ölüdeniz, near Fethiye, to Geyikbayırı, about 20 kilometers from Antalya (Wikipedia). According to an article from The Sunday Times, the Lycian Way is one of the top 10 walks in the world.

Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago, or “The Way of St. James,” is one of several cultural and pilgrimage routes throughout Spain, France, Italy, and several other adjacent countries in Europe. Each year, many people partake on a journey by way of one of these routes to the city of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain to pay homage to Saint James at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

Egypt's "City of Garbage"

(Photo courtesy of Caters News Agency) When I travelled Egypt in May 2011, I spent the afternoon traversing the City of Garbage, or Manshiyat naser, and visited with the Zabbaleen people in this deplorable community of Cairo. I stumbled upon…